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CSDY conference

Conference on Science and Development in Yemen (CSDY) 2022

Conference on Science and Development in Yemen In the interest…

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csdy seiyon university

Science and Development Conference

There is no doubt that education and scientific research have become inextricably linked and important parts of civilization’s renaissance, society’s prosperity, and nation’s advancement. The association of societies with these two elements and their ability to generate ideas and turn them into strategies is an invaluable national wealth. Yemeni scholars and researchers are still forgotten in our Yemeni society, and they do not receive the attention and care they deserve, in addition to a lack of research incubators that encourage and absorb their contributions, which has had a negative impact on their participation in national development. As a result, the focus of this conference will be on discussing the perspectives of scholars and researchers, each in his or her field of expertise, with the goal of generating new ideas and transferring knowledge, practices, and development experiences from around the world to Yemen in a way that is appropriate for the environment and reality of Yemeni society.