My Infaq For Yaman

Ramadhan Campaign 2022

  • There are more than 4,500,000 internally displaced persons in Yemen need to the essential needs to survive.
  • As a result of the ongoing war, there are thousands of orphans and widows who urgently need food aids and support, while foodstuffs are sold with high prices in the local markets.

This is a campaign to promote the need of Yemeni people for food during Ramadan when people usually tend to do Infaq generously to those in need. The Sadqah collected in this campaign would be sponsoring food baskets as well as IFTAR meals for internally displaced people (IDPs) in Yemen. 2000 food baskets and 9000 Iftar meals are targeted to be distributed among them.

“Mereka juga memberi makan benda-benda makanan yang dihajati dan disukainya, kepada orang miskin dan anak yatim serta orang tawanan” [Al-Insaan 76:8]


  • 2000 war victims’ families will benefit from the food distribution for one month.
  • 9000 orphans, widows and needy people are expected to receive Iftar Meals in the Holy Month of Ramadhan.


  • Raising Awareness about the campaign
  • Getting Fund
  • Purchasing the food baskets and Iftar meals
  • Refreshing current data for people in need
  • Prioritizing people in urgent need based on collected data
  • Distributing the food baskets and Iftar meals
  • Documenting moments of distribution
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Distributed Food Baskets in Ramadan 2021 by Altawasul Foundation in Yemen 

Yemen in Need