ALTAWASUL collaborates with Muslim Care

ALTAWASUL collaborates with Muslim Care.

In a collaborative meeting, ALTAWASUL Development Foundation meets Muslim Care Society in Kuala Lumpur

Thursday, 01/6/2023.

The Executive Manager of ALTAWASUL , Mr. Ahmed Mustafa, and the Public Relations Officer, Eng. Osama Haidar, has met with the management of Muslim Care Society, represented by Hajj Zulkifli, the President, Hajj Mohd Johari, Vice President, Mr. Muhd Khidhir, Secretary, and Mr. Ahmad Safuan, Secretary-General of the society. The meeting was aimed to discuss aspects of cooperation between the two organisations, the humanitarian situation in Yemen and the situation of Yemenis in Malaysia. The ways of future cooperation between the two organisations have been discussed as well as the projects planned to be implemented within ِAid Yemen Campaign launched by ALTAWASUL about three months ago.

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ALTAWASUL collaborates with Muslim Care