Campaign 1443 / 2022

  • There are approximately 15,000 Yemeni people in Malaysia, who were compelled to escape from their home country, and they have poor sources of income, which makes them in need for food security.
  • There are approximately 5000 Yemeni students in Malaysia and most of their families are living in Yemen with poor sources of income due to the war.

This is a campaign to promote the need of Yemeni people for food during Ramadan when people usually tend to do Infaq generously to those in need. The Sadqah collected in this campaign would be sponsoring food baskets as well as IFTAR meals for Yemeni refugees in Malaysia. 1000 food baskets and 9000 Iftar meals are targeted to be distributed among them.

“dan sebaiknya bersikap kasih sayang serta belas kasihan kasihan sesama sendiri (umat Islam)” [Al-Fat-h 48:29]


  • 1000 families of refugees will benefit from the food distribution for one month.
  • 9000 refugees, students and needy people will receive Iftar meals in the Holy Month of Ramadhan.


  • Raising Awareness about the campaign
  • Getting Fund
  • Purchasing the food baskets and Iftar meals
  • Refreshing current data for people in need
  • Prioritizing people in urgent need based on collected data
  • Distributing the food baskets and Iftar meals
  • Documenting moments of distribution
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Distributed Food Baskets for Yemeni refugees
in Malaysia during Ramadan 2020 – 2021
by Altawasul Foundation  

ramadhan ihsan 2022