A symposium entitled “Our Sons and the Examinations”

The Women’s Committee at Al-Tawasul Development Foundation held an educational symposium entitled “Our Children and the Examinations” on Friday evening, December 11, 2020, via the (ZOOM) platform.

Dr Abdulqawi Al-Qadasi, an educational advisor, an expert in curricula and teaching methods, and the head of the Education Council in Malaysia, and Dr Wafa Al-Salahi, a psychological and family counsellor and a trainer in human development, presented in the symposium which was moderated by Mr Sadiq Al-Manzili, a member of the Yemeni School Board.

The symposium started with the speech of Dr. Wafaa who addressed the psychological pressures that children and their families are exposed to during the days of exams and how to deal with them. She provided a set of tips to overcome these pressures.

Dr. Abdul Qawi Al-Qadasi talked about some of the problems students face in traditional exams and the effect of that on students in the distance education system and highlighted the issue of how families can deal with exams and their problems.

Dr Al-Qadasi talked about the importance of developing education outputs to keep pace with developments and covering the educational gap in various fields in today’s world and put forward a number of ideas about modern education and the deficiencies that the current educational system suffers from, and the priorities that educational systems should focus on. He also explained that avoiding rote education and the focus on skills development are among the most important features of modern education.

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